Cook Time 8 hours(Approx)


Prep time
20 minutes

Beef Short Ribs or ‘Shorties’ are usually cut from the lower part of the cow’s ribcage, referred to as the plate section. They are short bones with a thick layer of meat on top, containing collagen and marbled with fat.

Like brisket, when these are smoked low and slow, the internal fat renders and the connective tissues break down. This paired with a nice bark and smoke ring, creates a mouthwatering bite of BBQ.


  • Beef Short Ribs – Rack of 3 – Approx 1.5kg
  • Rub of choice
  • Water – Spritzing


  • Barbeque
  • Thick foil/butcher’s paper – Optional
  • Internal read thermometer
  • Spritz Bottle
  • Gloves – Cotton & Nitrile



If time permits, remove the ribs from the packaging, pat dry and leave uncovered in the fridge for a few hours/overnight to ‘firm up’. This will make trimming the fat cap from the ribs easier, however a sharp knife and cutting straight from the fridge should work ok. Remove the layer of fat and silverskin from the top surface of the ribs, removing as little meat as possible, see photos for reference. Leave the membrane underneath on, this will ensure the meat stays attached to the bones during the cooking process.

Beef Short Ribs Pre-Trimmed

Beef Short Ribs Trimmed


Trimming the fat/silverskin allows the seasoning to penetrate the meat. Apply a liberal amount of your favourite beef seasoning from a height for even coverage and pat into the meat. Allow to sit for an hour so the ribs can absorb the rub and get to room temperature – see reference pics below.

Freshly Seasoned

1 hour later & rub is absorbed

3Smoker Prep

Get your BBQ of choice running at a consistent temperature of 275f/135c. Achieving a clean burning fire is important to ensure the meat absorbs a clean smoke flavour during the cook.


Once the meat is seasoned, reached room temperature and your BBQ is running cleanly at 275f/135c, it is time to put the ribs on. Place them bone side down, indirect of the heat source and leave to cook for 2 hours. After this time, spritz the ribs all over and continue cooking, repeating this process every hour. This will ensure the meat doesn’t dry out, the moisture attracts the smokey flavours and a heavy bark develops.


  • Ensure the nozzle of the spritz bottle is set to a light mist and not a jet once the trigger is pressed!
  • Around 5 hours into the cook, it’s time to probe the ribs and check if they are ready. When an instant read thermometer is inserted into the meat with no resistance, this is when they are ready. Check in 3 different spots, if any resistance is felt then continue cooking in 30 minute intervals and check again until it achieves no resistance. Spritz if necessary.
  • Avoid poking the thermometer through the membrane as this will release rendered fat from the meat, losing flavour and drying the ribs out slightly.

5Finish & Res

Once the ribs probe with no resistance, they can be taken off the BBQ. An internal temperature will be in the range of 205-210f/96-99c at this stage. Leave them on the side to cool for 10-15 minutes then wrap tightly in foil or butcher paper and place them in an esky for an hour to rest. This will allow the meat to cool down gradually and relax before being sliced.

6Slice & Serve

Remove the ribs from the esky, uncover from the wrap and place on a board, reserving any juices for serving. Slice between the bones and serve as individual ribs on the bone. Alternatively, once sliced, cut the meat off the bone and portion each rib into 2 large chunks, pouring the juices from the wrap over the meat. Enjoyed on its own as a juicy pillow of meat, or used in a variety of other barbeque dishes. A definite crowd pleasing cut!

Recipe Notes & Tips

Season your meat: A dedicated Beef rub will ensure a great bark is formed and maximum flavour is achieved. Here are a few recommendations to take your beef ribs to the next level:

Smoke Flavour: Depending if you are using a Pellet, Charcoal or Offset smoker, you will have different options regarding smoke flavour profile. For pellet smokers, our range of Hardwood pellets work really well with Beef, or maybe try something new with our charcoal hardwood blended pellets for a unique flavour and colour.

If using charcoal, our range of slow burn wood chunks work really well when used during a cook. 2 to 3 chunks is normally enough to get good smoke flavour for a full cook.

Wrap: This technique doesn’t require a wrap during the cooking stage, however, if time is against you then wrapping in foil or butcher paper will help cook the ribs quicker. We recommend butcher paper over foil as this allows the meat to breath and helps maintain the bark. This also applies to wrapping the ribs during the resting stage.