Cook Time
1 ½ -2 hours(Approx)


Prep time
30 minutes

Tri Tip is a cut of beef from the bottom part of the sirloin, named due to its triangular shape tapering to a ‘tip’. It is best cooked medium-rare which will provide a rich, beefy flavour as well as tender, juicy meat.

An underrated cut that is gaining popularity for its incredible flavour and minimal preparation and cook time!


  • Beef Tri Tip – Single – 1-1.5kg
  • Rub of choice


  • Barbecue
  • Thick foil/butcher’s paper
  • Internal read thermometer
  • Gloves – Cotton & Nitrile



Our tri tips require minimal to no trimming straight from the packet. Any loose strands of meat or fat can be trimmed off using a sharp knife, as well as any areas containing silverskin. Note – The tri tip will remain whole for the cooking process and sliced when serving.Beef Tri Tip Not TrimmedBeef Tri Tip Trimmed

2Check the Grain

Once trimmed, the grain direction of your tri tip will become clearer. This is an important step to make note of now, so when you reach stage 7 (slice & serve) you cut it correctly, against the grain. Each tri tip is different, so the grain direction will vary. Use the photo below as a visual guide.

Tip – Take a photo of your own Tri Tip for accurate reference cut opposite direction to the grain


Once trimmed and the grain direction has been established, it’s time to season. A classic combination of Salt, Pepper and Garlic (SPG) is always a great choice. A rub containing smoked paprika gives an added depth of flavour and colour. Avoid anything with too much sugar as this will burn during the sear stage. Apply a light coat from a height for even coverage and pat into the meat.

Beef Tri Tip with SPG rub

4Smoker Prep

Get your BBQ of choice running at a consistently at 225f/107c. Achieving a clean burning fire is important to ensure the meat absorbs a clean smoke flavour during the cook.


Stage 1: Once the meat is seasoned, reached room temperature and your BBQ is running cleanly at 225f/107c, it is time to put the Tri Tip on. Place it on the grill, indirect (opposite) the heat source with the larger section closest to the heat. Smoke for 45 minutes -1 hour then check the internal temperature of the meat. It wants to read 50f/10c below your preferred steak internal temperature – in this case 45c for medium rare. Once it reaches the temperature required it’s time to move onto stage 2 of the cook. Note – Higher marble score cuts can be cooked slightly longer to help render the extra fat. We suggest aiming for the internal temperature above your usual preference, in this case 50c for medium instead of medium rare.

Stage 2: Remove the tri tip from the BBQ for 5 minutes and wrap in foil. Stoke the fire, increase the temperature of your BBQ to 400f/200c + or pre heat a cast iron skillet ready to finish cooking the Tri tip. Once up to temperature, place the tri tip directly over the heat source or in the pan with some butter and sear on each side, flipping and turning every 45 seconds to ensure an even char on all sides. Once the internal temperature reaches your steak preference – in this case 55c for medium rare, remove from the heat and place on the side. (If using a higher marble score cut, in this case remove from the heat at 60c for medium, or 5 degrees above your own steak preference)

6Finish & Rest

Now the tri tip is cooked perfectly, it needs to rest. Leave the meat uncovered for a couple of minutes to prevent it cooking any further, then wrap in foil or butcher paper and allow to rest for a minimum of 20 minutes. You can rest for longer but place in a cooler if doing so.

7Slice & Serve

Unwrap the rested Tri tip and place on a board,reserving any juices for serving. referring to section 2- Grain direction- begin slicing againts the grain into thick slices. Coat each slice with some of the juices, plate up and enjoy. Pairs perfectly with a simple salad and chimichurri.

Recipe Notes & Tips

Choose your Tri Tip: Grain fed and Grass fed beef will have a different flavour profile. Grain fed will usually contain a higher level of marbling throughout the meat, which renders down and creates a delicious buttery taste. Grass fed is a cleaner, beefier flavour that isn’t as rich or heavy. We offer high quality in both categories, it is down to personal preference.

Season your meat: Although the seasoning sounds simple, the quality and granule size of each ingredient makes a big difference. Choose from one of our classic SPG (Salt, Pepper, Garlic) rubs, or a few other recommendations:

Smoke Flavour: Depending if you are using a Pellet, Charcoal or Offset smoker, you will have different options regarding smoke flavour profile. For pellet smokers, our range of Hardwood pellets work really well with Beef, or maybe try something new with our charcoal hardwood blended pellets for a unique flavour and colour.

If using charcoal, our range of slow burn wood chunks work really well when used during a cook. 2 to 3 chunks is normally enough to get good smoke flavour for a full cook.

Wrap: This technique doesn’t require wrapping during the cooking process, only during the rest. We recommend using butcher paper over foil as this allows the meat to breath and helps maintain the crust formed from searing.

Doneness: In reference to our ‘Steak Station’ section, below are the internal temperatures to aim for to achieve for our preferred steak result:

  • Rare: 50C or 122F
  • Medium Rare: 55C or 131F
  • Medium: 60C or 140F
  • Medium Well: 65C or 150F
  • Well Done: Over 70C or 160F