Pink Butchers Paper 150″X 18″

Hardcore Carnivore


  •  Peach (or pink) BBQ paper is a must have for any serious barbecue cook. Wrap ribs, briskets, roasts and even poultry to protect your meat during cooking or during the resting stage
  •  Unlike foil, the porous paper allows air to circulate, preserving your hard-earned perfect bark. Another advantage over foil, the BBQ/butchers paper doesn’t concentrate the heat and won’t overcook your ‘que
  •  This paper is unwaxed, uncoated and unbleached, 100% FDA-approved and printed with food-safe ink bearing the HC logo.
  •  Pro tip: grease-soaked paper makes for an excellent fire starter!
  •  Paper roll size: 18″ by 150′.
  •  To learn more about why this stuff is so popular –

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Hardcore Carnivore

“My mantra for all the Hardcore Carnivore seasonings is that they should enhance the meat without overpowering it. It’s an approach that has resonated with hundreds of thousands of tastebuds around the globe.”​
Jess Pryles – The creator of Hardcore Carnivore. Originally from Melbourne who has taken American BBQ by storm.​
Jess Pryles is an Australian BBQ legend and chef, television show host of Aussie Barbecue Heroes, meat expert and a live fire cook. She co-founded the Australasian Barbecue Alliance. She is also the author of the book Hardcore Carnivore. She grew up on the bay in Melbourne and now lives in Austin, Texas.​


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