Barn Yard Pimp 283.5g

Texas Oil Dust


  •  This blend is a proven winner on the competition circuit & in the kitchen
  •  A savory blend of spices with a touch of sweet & savoury with a nice touch of heat, created to bring out the best in any Pitmaster or Chef & is a must in everyone’s arsenal
  •  Also goes great on Pork, veggies & seafood for an extra kick of flavour

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Texas Oil Dust

Texas Oil Dust was created deep in the oilfields of West Texas for food lovers everywhere. Our seasonings capture the “True taste of Texas” and shows you what Texas is all about. Flavours that are so savory and bold they will complement any dish. Many of my family members are affected by “Celiac Disease” and use our products with 100% satisfaction.

Try some today and experience the “True taste of Texas” for yourself. Product of USA.


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