Beef Bounce 250g

Low N Slow Basics


  •  Formulated to enhance the flavour of your next cut of beef!
  •  Classic ingredients like salt & black pepper, combined with coffee & garlic works just as well on steaks as low and slow cuts of meat.
  •  Try a liberal coat of this rub on some of our beef ribs, smoked low and slow for the ultimate beefy bite!

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Low N Slow Basics

The Low ’n’ Slow Basics brand is the creation of Aaron Palmer, an ex-butcher from South Australia. His range of products reflects the passion he has for barbecue, whilst his YouTube channel provides home cooks advice and tips on the best ways to use them! They have also been used by many competition teams to win various category awards.

Versatile range of rubs, curated for use in the kitchen as much as the BBQ! Proudly Australian created, owned & made.


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