Brisket Black Beef BBQ Rub 300g

Smokes Seasoning & Rubs


  • After 3 years of trial and testing, the perfect ratio of unique, high-quality ingredients was found to not only enhance the flavour, but boost the bark development of your brisket
  • Don’t limit yourself to just brisket, this rub works just as well on all cuts of red meat
  • Apply generously all over, not forgetting the sides, allow the meat to sit for 30 minutes before the cook to let the rub work it’s magic

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Smokes Seasoning & Rubs

Smokes seasoning, based in Red Deer, Alberta, was founded in 2020 by Nathan and Alana Turcott. Nathans combined strong work ethic from 26 years in the road building industry with 15 years of passionate backyard BBQ cooking led to the creation of the business. The passion for BBQ grew to an obsession and after a trip to Texas, work began on producing the smokes seasoning line of rubs. Launching with Brisket Black here in Australia, stay tuned for future upcoming releases!


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