Burnt at the Steak Rub 230g

The Big Smoke BBQ Co


  • Burnt at the Steak is a great chunky steak rub with hints of garlic, coriander and pepper makes this a complex flavoured steak rub that adds to the protein rather than taking anything away
  • In fact 11 secret herbs and spices make up this seasoning which means this is so good on your favourite steak or even on pizzas, in stews and anything else you want some added unique flavours
  • We use this on our rump steaks and on burgers. We have used it on lamb, beef short ribs and even vegetables.

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The Big Smoke BBQ Co

The Big Smoke BBQ Co was formed in 2010 by Pitmaster and owner Mike Jeffries and his love of all things BBQ especially American Style BBQ. From the start Mike believed that he would need to create his own rubs and sauce to create unique flavours in his BBQ catering business.

Mike is well respected as one of New Zealand’s original pitmasters. One of Mike’s core BBQ values is that everything is cooked fresh on the day, nothing reheated in Mike’s BBQ! Even if that means cooking brisket all through the night to be ready at lunchtime, it gets done as we do believe you can taste the difference.

It’s those values that go into our rubs and sauces. Everything made as small batch by Mike himself to his original recipes. We are now excited to share with you those flavours that are unique to The Big Smoke BBQ Co and why people love our food at their weddings, events and functions across New Zealand’s North Island.

Proudly created and made in New Zealand.


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