Chicken Rub 368G

Yoder Smoker (YS) Rubs


  •  Smoky & Sweet with a Bang
  •  Smoky chipotle pepper, mesquite, and the slightly sweet, peppery notes of paprika come together with a complimentary mix of salt & sugar for a blend of savory heat
  •  Originally made for poultry, it is amazing on pork as well
  •  And when it comes to smoked or grilled veggies you’ve got vibrant flavour on-demand

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Yoder Smoker (YS) Rubs

Over the decades, they’ve had the privilege to have cooked with and been around the world’s best pitmasters, and gained an intimate knowledge of award-winning flavour profiles proven on the largest stages in the world.

Delivering premium ingredients & meticulous quality control YS has produced a range of handcrafted flavours to introduce into the backyards and kitchens of the world.

Product of USA.

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