Crack Seasoning 260g

Big Red BBQ


  •  The all-out-champ. Get it on chicken, fish, pork, potato chips & use it to add vibrancy to a greying red beard.
  •  Get ready to add some sizzle to your life with Big Red Crack Seasoning – the all-purpose blend that’s so addictive, it’s like crack in a jar (but totally legal, we promise!).
  •  This fiery mix of spices is a champion on chicken, fish, pork, potato chips, & pretty much anything else you can think of
  •  It’s like a flavour explosion in your mouth, minus the danger of actually exploding (unless you sprinkle too much, in which case, proceed with caution)

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Big Red BBQ

Whilst developed deep in the depths of Big Red’s beard, these sauces and rubs are tried and tested in the sweat and smoke of the Stockpot Kitchen (Finalist in the Australian BBQ Alliance Awards 2022 – Best BBQ Restaurant), Lismore NSW and on the ABA SCA Competition Circuit.

Proudly Australian created, owned & made, Lismore NSW.


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