Moo Cluck Oink 80g

Toad's Kitchen Cupboard


  •  This barbeque inspired blend is perfect on beef, chicken & pork. It’s my go to for pork ribs. With its slight Middle Eastern vibe, it’s also great on veg like pumpkin
  •  The spicy version has a nice little cayenne kick. This is a total all-rounder and is great on everything
  •  Rub It, Grind It, Get Saucy.

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Toad's Kitchen Cupboard

Small Batch Artisan Products

Toad’s Kitchen Cupboard aim to make flavour number one! Their blends have been created to enhance your culinary game. Use their Salt Blends, Rubs, Grinds or Chilli Sauces any way you please, as long as it makes tasty food that makes you smile.

TKC have got you covered from Sweet Chilli & Ginger Sauce to the best steak salt ever with their signature Classic Blend or try their dry blend of Chimichurri. If curry is your thing their coconut curry, Bangkok Nights is a must.

Rub It, Grind It, Get Saucy.


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