St Louis BBQ Dry Rub 340g

Croix Valley


  •  This rub has the signature sweet & tangy profile that put this region on the BBQ map, home of the St. Louis Cut Spare ribs, this iconic location has a flavour profile unto itself.
  •  Infused with the perfect blend of spices and ingredients, this rub is great for any meal on the grill or smoker.
  •  From ribs to chicken, to pork & more, it’s the perfect blend for the direct heat of the grill or the “low n slow” cook on the smoker!


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Croix Valley

From humble beginnings in the Northwoods of Wisconsin USA, to the hands of cooks & pitmasters across the globe, Croix Valley Foods moved beyond their first steak sauce to include marinades, barbecue sauces, dry rubs, Bloody Mary Seasonings & more.

Create The Perfect Bark + Genuine Low & Slow Flavours!

Product of USA.

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