Steakhouse Southwest Steak Seasoning 354.37G

Cattleman's Grill


  • A robust blend of Western flavours including garlic, onion, ancho peppers, & smoked paprika. Roadside diners might not look like much, but on the hard travelled paths west, they’re the modern version of the chuck wagon campfire.
  • This rub is an ode to the open road and the hungry travellers looking for a good meal
  • It’s a hearty Southwestern blend perfect for steaks, chops, chicken & it’s fantastic on vegetables, potatoes & salads


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Cattleman's Grill

Cattleman’s Grill seasoning blends & rubs are made the time-tested way, using traditional, natural ingredients that wouldn’t be out of place in a chuck wagon cook’s saddlebags: raw cane sugar, sea salt, dried chili peppers, ground coffee beans, & spices.

No MSG, chemical preservatives or anticaking agents

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