The Cherry Tree Blend 170g



  •  Experience the tantalizing combination of sweet cherry notes & a rich smoky undertone, complemented by a delightfully spicy finish
  •  Made with 100% natural cherries, this blend is a true cherry & spice explosion
  •  Flavour Profile: Sweet, smoky, & spicy flavours
  •  Works best with: Steak, Pork & home-made sauces


From the first moment Sam Kimber helped his dad to cook, he knew that food would be a major part of his life. After a life changing accident he found food a place where he could recover and feel valuable again, so with the drive to help others see how food can affect our lives for good, Sam started SAUC’D LOWNSLOW.

Proudly Australian created, owned & made.

All-natural, small-batch Artisan spice blends with no fillers or preservatives

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