Built to be the last BBQ you ever own!

The MultiQ has arrived!

It is made from 2.5mm & 4mm Corten Steel which has anti corrosive properties providing long term durability. This type of material allows a natural patina coating to develop on the exterior over time, which gives a great rustic look whilst also protecting the BBQ.

The air inlets, smoke stacks, fixtures, hanging bars, hooks & cooking trays are all made from high quality stainless steel. This ensures easy cleaning and maintenance of the MultiQ.

Check out the product videos below in the OctoPit brand section.

Features & Specs:

  • 750mm x 400mm main cooking tray – 2 x Briskets or 5 x Racks of Ribs
  • 2 piece, height adjustable fire box – allowing indirect or direct cooking
  • 2 x inlets & 2 x smoke stacks for precise temperature control
  • Almost airtight cooking chamber for maximum fuel efficiency
  • Half baffle plate included


  • 1st Place Australian Invitational 2023
  • 1st Place Meatstock Melbourne 2023
  • National Championship New Zealand Barbecue Alliance 2022
  • National Reserve Grand Championship New Zealand Barbecue Alliance 2022
  • Multiple Grand & Reserve Grand Championships
  • Multiple 1st place category results in Chicken, Ribs, Pork Shoulder, and Brisket
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Jared “JMAC” Macdonald embarked on a Mission – to design a portable barbecue cooker that he would be happy to put his name on. Uncompromising in quality, unique in design, and flexible enough to serve many masters. It would have to be capable in the backyard, whilst also having to meet the demands of cooking on the competition barbecue circuit. Introducing the Octopit Multi Q – the one BBQ to rule them all.

Why the name ‘Multi Q’ – we wanted to highlight the flexibility designed into the cooker. With the multiple accessories on offer you are able to:

  • Hang
  • Baffle
  • Stack
  • Divide
  • Run Direct or Indirect

… however you want to cook, the MultiQ can do it.

Why the name ‘Octopit’ – Back in 2017, we were making offsets that were an 8-sided shape. We wanted a name that linked us to that shape, so an Octagonal Pit BBQ is where we derived the name from. Today it’s not so obvious but the BBQ lid of the Multi Q is folded at the same angle and ratio as our original offsets.