YS640s Pellet Grill Standard Cart With 2Pc Hmp 2Pc Hmp & 2Nd Shelf – Bundle Deal

Yoder Smokers


  • Features include:
    •  2nd Level Slide-Out Shelf
    •  Stay Cool Handles
    •  Grease Drain
    •  Door Counter Weight
    •  Digital Control System
    •  High Air Flow Burn Grate
    •  Probe Port
    •  Front & Side Shelves 7/16″ Hard Chrome-plated Round Bar Steel
  • Yoder Smoker YS640S “S” Series Package Inclusions:
    •  Adaptive Control System (ASC): Wi-Fi Connectivity controls your temperature from anywhere via Bluetooth & Wi-Fi through the YS Drive App
    •  Two Integrated Food Probes: Monitor your cook with the two food probes – 1.8m long
    •  New Ceramic Igniter: Lasts 5 times longer than conventional contact igniters. Heats up twice as fast & creates double the heat. Lights with induction heat which solves problems with failed ignition from ash build-up
  • Additional Package Inclusions:
    • Direct Grill Rails – Set of 3
    • Grease/Condensation Shield
    • Half-depth 2nd Shelf (23cm deep)
    • Reversible Cast Iron Griddle
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Yoder Smokers

“It will last for the rest of my life”

“It just works.”

“The food coming off this smoker is unmatched”

This is what top BBQ Pitmasters say about Yoder Smokers

  • Yoder Smokers pellet grills are the only cookers which can BBQ low & slow like a traditional wood smoker, but still get hot enough to sear a steak like a professional.
  • And since they are handcrafted from heavy steel in the USA, they will last a lifetime.
  • Simply put, if you want a grill that can do it all, a Yoder Smokers pellet grill is the last grill you will ever need to buy.

* Smoke * Roast * Bake * Grill 


  • 10-gauge steel cooking body is warrantied for 10 years excluding paint
  • 3 Years on control system


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