BBQ Briquettes 3Kg

Olive Pip Co


  • PURE 100% renewable recycled olive pips
  • Left over pips & skins from olive oil production are charred, & the pulpy residue is used to make premium charcoal.
  • Emits 30% less carbon monoxide than wood charcoal



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Olive Pip Co

Direct from Greece, made for Australian BBQ’s

Olive Pip Co. is a South Australian company, our main focus is importing olive pip premium BBQ briquettes from Kalamata, Greece. This award-winning product has been available in Europe since 1992 and now available in Australia and New Zealand.

We aim to deliver a unique cooking experience using our premium BBQ briquettes, which are eco-friendly and a safe alternative to wood-based charcoals/briquettes.

What makes us different from the other producers of BBQ briquettes?

Originally the waste olive pips are used as fuel to produce lime products and the new waste created is used to produce our olive pip premium BBQ briquettes.

Our environmental achievements is that we use efficient methods to produce the briquettes in a process which is sustainable and waste free.

How we protect the environment

  •  We use agricultural biomass as a fuel to produce our products
  •  We use natural resources efficiently and convert our waste into a new product.
  •  We don’t cut and burn trees or use remnants of chopped down trees to make charcoal.
  •  Combustion of biomass is carbon neutral. Which is a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Applications for Olive Pip Co. Premium BBQ Briquettes

  •  Direct Grilling
    • – Easy to light
    • – No ash
    • – No smoke
    • – High heat value of 6366KCAL/KG
    • – Minimal flare ups
  •  Low & Slow Cooking
    • – Easy to light
    • – Stable temperature
    • – Long burn times
    • – No smoke
    • – Perfect to use with smoking wood chunks
  •  Rotisserie
    • – Offset or indirect cooking
    • – Can add extra briquettes while cooking without having to burn off
    • – Long burn times


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