Max XL Charcoal Briquettes – 10lb (4.5kg) Box

Jealous Devil


  •  Max elevates the BBQ briquet to a bigger, better fuel.
  •  No fillers, chemicals, or toxic mystery ingredients that produce bitter smoke and mountains of ash. So what is in them? The same incredibly dense hardwood we use to make our lump charcoal – plus a pinch of plant-derived starch (that is it – Yes, really).
  •  We compress it into the biggest pillow briq on the market for the longest burn time on the market
  •  Taste-enhancing aroma & flavour – incredibly long, hot burn
  •  No acrid, unpleasant smoke or harsh chemical odour
  •  Extremely low ash production
  •  Won’t spark, pop, or snap


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Jealous Devil

The legend maker

Legendary BBQ begins with legendary fuel and legendary flavor. Made exclusively from the purest natural materials using a blend of modern innovation and traditional craftsmanship.

The devil didn’t always have fire. Not the good stuff anyway.

Eons ago, when the devil first saw the fire humanity had created, he was so jealous that he stole it for himself. Fast forward to the modern day, where a brave group of heroes went on a quest to steal that fire back and return it to its rightful owners: humans.

Through their sheer determination, cleverness, and a little luck, they did. (it was the right thing to do, after all. Plus, they were being paid really well.)

That fire is inside every Jealous Devil fuel. It’s the fire that fuels legendary experiences built around food, drink, and community. We spent years perfecting the methods we would use to share it with the world, landing on a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovations.

We printed the phrase “pure as heaven and hotter than hell” on our very first bag of charcoal – and we’ve designed every product since to live up to it. Charcoal or otherwise, Jealous Devil’s ultra-premium, all-natural products are all crafted specifically to enhance the BBQ experience and eliminate issues that plague similar products. This rapidly growing (and undeniably legendary) supergroup of BBQ fuels, flavors, and accessories appear in backyard enthusiasts’ home – built smokers, competition teams’ grills and Michelin starred chefs’ kitchens alike. And now they can be yours too.


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