Natural Oak And Hickory Charcoal 9Kg

Big Green Egg


  • 100% Natural Oak & Hickory Lump Charcoal, 8kg
  •  Big Green Egg painstakingly sources our natural charcoal to ensure that it contains no fillers, nitrates, chemicals, treated wood or petroleum products. Unlike briquettes, pure and natural Big Green Egg charcoal is premium carbonized wood with NO additives whatsoever
  • Why natural charcoal? What’s the difference?
  • Big Green Egg Oak & Hickory Charcoal is made in the USA from 100% natural hardwood. It is easy to light and is usually ready for cooking in a few minutes, and burns hotter and more efficiently than charcoal briquettes. Lump charcoal produces less ash, so there is minimal waste and clean up … delivering value in every bag.
  •  Most importantly, food tastes better, without harsh chemicals or odours that can be released when cooking with briquettes or other similar products. What else would you want to cook with?
  •  Big Green Egg Natural Lump Charcoal meets EPA environmental guidelines and is CE Certified
  • in the European Union (EU)



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Big Green Egg

The most versatile and simple-to-use outdoor cooker you’ll ever own

Your life will never taste the same.

The Big Green Egg has been acclaimed as the highest quality, most versatile and simplest to use outdoor cooker of all time, offering more cooking options than all other conventional cookers combined

With an EGG, there is simply no need for a separate grill, smoker, pizza oven or rotisserie device… the EGG does it all and more

Taste the Difference!

The Outdoor Cooker That Does It All

You simply will not find a more versatile cooking device than a Big Green Egg. From a long, slow cook, to a high temp sear, and everything in between, the EGG’s thermal properties and precise temperature control deliver consistent results and unmatched flavour.

  • Low & Slow: The superior insulating ceramics of the Big Green Egg allow for precise temperature control at low heat. Enjoy succulent turkey, ham, ribs, or any of your favourite cuts. Want to cook at low heat for 16-18 hours or longer? No problem – an EGG can do that with a single load of our 100% all-natural lump charcoal.
  • Smoke: No smoker performs more efficiently than a Big Green Egg. Easily add a wide variety of flavour combinations with our natural chips and wood chunks giving you endless combinations to explore and enjoy.
  • Grill: Cook with direct or indirect heat on the EGG for steaks, chicken, burgers, or seafood with a flavour unmatched by other grills. High-temperature “steakhouse” searing, and even stir-frying, is so quick and simple, you’ll be looking forward to cooking on your EGG!
  • Bake: The EGG will bake bread, casseroles, cakes, pizza, and pies with a distinct flavour profile that can’t be achieved with your kitchen oven. Add our new Pizza Wedges to convert your EGG into a traditional wood-fired pizza oven that melts the cheese and cooks the crust like a pro.
  • Roast: Gatherings are more memorable when you roast turkey, lamb, or ham on a Big Green Egg. The moisture retention and superior cooking qualities of the EGG produce the most flavourful roasts, braises, and stews you’ve ever tasted. Get ready for the applause!


The Big Green Egg (“BGE”) was the first ceramic grill manufacturer in the world to stand behind its products by offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty, and has maintained this standard for over a quarter-century! Your Big Green Egg has been carefully inspected and certified to be the highest-quality outdoor cooker ever, and we continue to offer best-in-class customer service and warranty support to purchasers of the Ultimate Cooking Experience!®


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