CHERRY 9.07kg

BBQr's Delight


  •  Cherry will give a sweet smoky flavour with a rosy hue and the deepest “smoke ring” on meat
  •  These BBQr’s Delight Pellets are flavour wood blended with oak to give you consistent, clean fire for your pellet burning cooker and plenty of great smoke flavour for your food
  •  These food-grade wood pellets are packaged in 9.07 kg bags

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BBQr's Delight

Manufactured from consistent 100 % natural wood that includes no bark, using only the inner wood of a tree, which makes their smoke flavour consistent & clean

  • The only pellets that Yoder Smokers in USA recommends
  • Blended 2/3 oak with 1/3 flavour-wood. This gives you consistent BTU’s for heat & plenty of flavour-wood for good smoked flavour
  • Provides a more intense smoke quicker, which seals the food, locking in natural moisture & adding smoke flavour exactly when its needed
  • 9kg Bag cooking at 225F / 107C will last between 12 to 20 hours of cooking


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