The Traveller OG Crunchy Chilli Oil 45Ml

Mrs C's


  •  When you’re travelling, the last thing you want is to forget something essential. And for lovers of Mrs C’s, our crispy chilli oil is just that
  •  That’s why we created The Traveller, a 45ml jar for those who want to carry our crispy chilli oil with them in case of a flavour emergency. It’s small enough to take with you wherever you go – even if it’s just out to a restaurant

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Mrs C's

‘Mrs C’s’ is not just some name we came up with.

There is in fact a real Mrs C, who has been making our secret recipe crispy chilli oil for as long as she can remember. The recipe was passed down to her by her mother, who learnt it from her mother, who learnt it from her mother, who … well, you get the idea.

You could ask Mrs C for the recipe, but it wouldn’t help you much because she makes it by touch, taste and feel. A ‘pinch’ of salt, a ‘slosh’ of oil – that kind of thing. And not a measuring cup in sight.

Most importantly, Mrs C makes her crispy chilli oil with love. Love of food, family and friends.

And now you can share the love too.


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