Diced Lamb (500g)

Saltbush Dorper Lamb


  • Comes from the lamb shoulder as this is one of the most flavourful parts of the animal
  • Diced lamb is perfect for slow moist cooking methods and is a popular meat choice for slow cooker recipes, stews and curries
  • Best slow cooked, braised, pan fried, or grilled

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Saltbush Dorper Lamb

Grown in the unique environment of northern pastoral South Australian country on saltbush and native grasses. Resulting in a unique mild, delicate, & delicious flavour.

  • Dorper Lamb is a prime high-quality lean meat that’s loaded with more “good for you” nutrients than any other meat
  • Organic producer & supplier of certified organic saltbush lamb
  • Highest levels of animal welfare & the humane treatment of livestock using & promoting low stress handling techniques
  • Not shorn or crutched & do not have chemicals used for lice and fly protection applied to them