Cape Grim Beef Ribs

Cape Grim


  • From the first 5 ribs, the bones are flatter & cut shorter, with more connective tissue (collagen) than the back ribs
  • Like brisket, when cooked low & slow the collagen breaks down keeping the meat juicy, whilst becoming tender & not drying out over a long cook
  • Best smoked low & slow
  • 3 ribs per rack and 2 racks per pack
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Cape Grim

The world’s purest crystal clear air produces the world’s purest rain… Cape Grim’s superior pastures makes for the perfect grazing land.

  • 100% Grass fed & finished
  • Graded to 4 & 5 star MSA tenderness grades
  • Naturally marbled for maximum juiciness & flavour
  • British breed beef only
  • No added hormones
  • Antibiotic free, GMO free & Certified Humane
  • Guaranteed to be of the highest eating quality