Great Southern Rump Cap (2 – 2.5kg)

Great Southern


  • Coming from the hindquarter, this less used muscle has a minimal amount of internal connective tissue, resulting in a less marbled, leaner cut of meat
  • The word ‘cap’ refers to the top layer of fat. When cooked, this fat renders, bastes the meat & caramelises creating amazing flavour & tender meat
  • Best cooked hot & fast over charcoal
  • A Brazilian BBQ favourite sliced and placed on skewers they call it a Picanha
  • Approximately 2.25kg each.

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Great Southern

Naturally raised in some of Australia’s most prestigious cool climate & lush fertile natural pastures. Ethically sourced & quality guaranteed grass fed beef and lamb

  • 100% Grass fed & finished
  • Free range
  • Livestock roam free on acres of lush southern Australian grasslands.
  • This stress-free environment is perfect for fostering growth naturally, resulting in happy livestock and super tender beef and lamb
  • Lamb sourced exclusively from meat sheep breeds, no Merino, guaranteeing consistently higher eating quality
  • MSA graded
  • Antibiotic free
  • No added hormones
  • GMO free
  • JBS Farm Assured