O’Connors Rump Cap (2 – 2.5kg)



  • Coming from the hindquarter, this less used muscle has a minimal amount of internal connective tissue, resulting in a less marbled, leaner cut of meat
  • The word ‘cap’ refers to the top layer of fat. When cooked, this fat renders, bastes the meat & caramelises creating amazing flavour & tender meat
  • Best cooked hot & fast over charcoal
  • A Brazilian BBQ favourite sliced and placed on skewers they call it a Picanha
  • Approximately 2.25kg each

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  • Raised on Gippsland’s nutrient rich pastures, cattle graze on natural clover & rye grass that provide protein, vitamins & minerals producing exceptional quality Victorian beef.
    For over 25 years the O’Connor family has produced some of Australia’s best quality grass fed beef
  •  Selected British bred Black Angus & Hereford breeds
  •  Highly marbled, excellent meat & fat colour
  •  Certified “Natural” under the AQIS approved O’Connor Natural Beef Program
  •  No added hormones, antibiotic & GMO free