Wagyu Burger Patties (70g Per Pattie)

Incon XB wagyu


  • 100% Wagyu Beef
  • Thanks to the marbled texture and high fat content, ICON burgers are buttery, tender and mouth-wateringly flavorsome

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Incon XB wagyu

Icon XB Wagyu is a culmination of superior Japanese genetics and Australian ingenuity…. Iconically Australian. Resulting in extensive, intricate marbling so soft and creamy it melts in your hands. Rich, vibrant colour and meat density, bursting with the promise of intense, melt-in-the-mouth flavour.

  •  Founded on a full-blood Wagyu herd in Tasmania, Australia
  •  Wagyu F1 cattle are created by crossing full blood Wagyu sires (males) with high-performing dams (females)
  •  Wagyu sires are predominantly from the famous Tajima bloodline of the Kuroge Washu breed
  •  Raised with the highest animal welfare standards with minimal animal handling and stress-free production to ensure the best care
  •  Superior marbling mb4 – mb9+, raised in lush open pastures and minimum 12 months grain finished
  •  Marble score AUS-MEAT graded
  •  Wagyu consistently displays superior qualities in texture, tenderness, taste and high marbling scores – a “melt-in-your-mouth” experience