Brisket Beer & Jalapeno Kabana (1 Stick / Approx 250g)

Mulkirri Farms


  • Natural Skins
  • Traditionally hand made by our artisan butchers
  • Gently smoked with Beechwood
  • Ingredients: Beef Brisket, Beer, Jalapeno, Salt, Soy, Protein, Rice Flour, Mineral Salt (451), Sugar, Herbs & Spices, Flavour Enhancer (621), Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein (Regulator (331), Flavour, Fermented Red Rice

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Mulkirri Farms

A passionate “small batch” family run farm located in the Upper Limestone Coast SA where rich fertile soils provide lush pastures producing exceptional quality beef.

  • Family run business with over 30 years farming experience
  • Grass fed on pastures of clover, phalaris, chicory & fescue
  • Majority 100% grass fed and finished, grain only introduced seasonally for consistent product quality
  • Selected British bred Black Angus & Hereford breeds
  • No added hormones or antibiotics, GMO free
  • Biological fertilisers used to enhance feed quality & provide health benefits to livestock
  • The innovative introduction of Dung Beetles (nature little dung harvesters) bury cattle pads fertilising pastures and reduce fly numbers
  • Finest quality meat guaranteed to provide a unique & pleasing eating experience