Black Onyx RIB-EYE (Per Steak 1.2kg)

Black Onyx


  • Comes from the area on either side of the spine which means it’s an area that does practically zero ‘work’ which makes them extremely tender and therefore highly desirable
  • Cooked with the bone it generates delicious added succulent flavour throughout the meat
  • Features: Meaty flavours, succulent juiciness & delicious tenderness
  • BBQ Method: Best grilled or chargrilled & reverse seared
  • Approximately 1.2kg each

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Black Onyx

Black Onyx beef is pure Black Angus. Black Onyx MB3+, long-fed pure Black Angus beef is the marbled beef all others are compared to.

  • Real, pure 100% Angus parentage, a taste that truly produces memorable feasts
  • Long-fed 270+ days achieves luxuriously fine marbling
  • Assessed & guaranteed to be MB3+ every time
  • Pure Black Angus genetics ensures consistent marbling
  • Finer more even marbling produces a premium flavour