Green Sauce 355ml



  •  The social sauce – gets along with any cuisine & should be invited to every meal
  •  This green sauce blends all of the good green stuff: Jalapeños, green tomatoes, spinach, cilantro & lime. Then they add a little garlic & Red Habanero for a little dragon fire
  •  Great with Asian, Latin cuisine & on practically everything
  •  Heat level: 1

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Melinda’s is quality. We are for those who are past the basic. We’re for a community that appreciates flavour just as much as they do heat. You want fire? That’s easy. Anyone can strike a match, but few can strike a balance. A balance where heat and flavour find themselves on equal footing. At Melinda’s, we pride ourselves on striking that perfect balance in every sauce we make.

Made the Melinda’s way, with whole, fresh ingredients & the best peppers on the planet for people who care about those kinds of things.

Set Your Mouth On Flavour!

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