Hot Sauce 400g

Mama Melisse


  • It’s in a class of its own, the perfect combination of flavour & heat
  • There is nothing else like it available in Australia
  • It’s not only a delicious sauce on its own, you can use it as a cooking ingredient, a glaze, condiment or you can mix it with many things such as mayonnaise, yoghurt, cream cheese, labneh, BBQ sauce, soy sauce, & even butter
  • Caution: Mama Melisse Hot Sauce is seriously addictive!


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Mama Melisse

Very proud small batch Mornington Peninsula family business:

  •  Original homemade secret recipe, handed down through generations, it’s a 100 year old recipe!
  •  Mama Melisse (Melisse Fernando) was born in the beautiful spice island of Ceylon, which is known today as Sri Lanka
  •  Descending from Dutch Burgher, Melisse learnt to cook with a vast, rich variety of the finest spices in the world
  •  Mama Melisse was taught by her mother to cook delicious authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, of which the quality of cooking was so highly regarded that her brother went on to be a chef for the Saudi Royal Family
  •  All chillies used are fresh, 100% Australian chillies
  •  Australian made & owned


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