Unami Port & Black Garlic Sauce 150ml

Rum and Que


  •  This Port and Black Garlic Finishing Sauce is a rich decadent sauce and designed to elevate whatever it touches
  •  Whether it be meat, vegetables or pasta, this sauce will make the plainest of meals fancy
  •  Whether you’re a carnivore, or herbivore you’re going to love this one
  •  Gluten Free and even Vegan Friendly!


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Rum and Que

Rum and Que sprung to life at New Zealand’s first barbeque competition – Meatstock 2016. A bunch of mates that loved food, flavour and the chance to try their hand at something new. Armed with homemade rubs and sauces we immersed ourselves into a scene like no other.

Fast forward to today, Rum and Que has evolved into a family-run business. Staying true to our beginnings, we’ve hung on to our flavours and continued to create and perfect a range of products we are proud to have on shelves and in the hands of competition teams and fellow food lovers to enjoy as much as we do.

For us Barbeque means family, a barbecue family that we absolutely love being part of.

Proudly created and made in New Zealand.


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