Vinegar BBQ Sauce 510G

Franklin Barbecue


  •  Lard, have mercy! The Franklins may be Texans, but they still love a good Carolina-style sauce
  •  This tomato-based barbecue sauce is heavy on the vinegar & light on the sugar, & will make you squeal with happiness
  •  The classic move is to put it on pulled pork, but it’s also great on poultry, beef, & seafood
  •  This versatile sauce does not discriminate

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Franklin Barbecue

From backyard cookouts to a BBQ trailer on the Texas interstate, today crowds stand in line for hours for a taste of their mouth-watering brisket at their Texas restaurant. They are celebrated by everyone from Jimmy Kimmel to Anthony Bourdain to President Obama.

Serving the Best BBQ in the Known Universe

Product of the USA


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